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About Us

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Reconstructive foot and ankle surgeon Dr. Justin Franson and orthopedic physical therapist Suzanne Hawson co-founded JusGo Mobiliti, LLC in 2015 with their flagship product, the JusGo Knee Scooter. Dr. John Franson (family practice MD) and Dr. Adam Franson (orthopedist DO) have both contributed ideas to direct the final product.

Dr. Justin Franson

Dr. Justin Franson is a reconstructive foot and ankle surgeon in Valencia, CA. In addition to his work in private practice with University Foot and Ankle Institute (footankleinstitute.com), he also teaches part-time at the Veterans Hospital in Los Angeles. He grew up in Maine, attended BYU, completed medical school in Chicago and residency training at UCLA and the VA in Los Angeles, and has been in private practice since 2004. He is board certified in Reconstructive Rearfoot and Ankle Surgery, and is a fellow with the American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgeons. His wife and four children have been a constant support and inspiration to the creation of the JusGo scooter project.

Suzanne Hawson
Co-Owner/Vice President

Suzanne Hawson is a board certified orthopaedic physical therapist in Valencia, CA. Her practice over the years has focused on sports medicine and human biomechanics. Her commitment to improving her patients’ quality of life motivated her to help provide a better solution for mobility after an injury or surgery. Hence, the creation of Jusgo Mobilti, LLC, with foot and ankle surgeon, Dr. Justin Franson. She is also a part time faculty member at California State University, Northridge and is currently working on obtaining her doctoral degree. In her free time, Suzanne enjoys being outdoors, traveling, and working out.