JusGo Scooter

Introducing…the JusGo Scooter

The JusGo Scooter has been designed by talented engineers in the mountain bike space, who understand the need for high performance, stability, durability, and safety. The JusGo Scooter is patent-pending on a few novel components. With millions of people having an injury or surgery of the foot, ankle, or leg every year, there is a great need to provide them with a quality mobility device. The JusGo Scooter is a top-of- the line mobility device that rolls smoothly over rough terrain.







Feel the difference

  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • Suspension device to cushion and smooth the ride
  • Custom cup-shaped knee rest for stability and comfort
  • Disc brakes for long-lasting high performance
  • Air-filled tires to roll smoothly over all terrains (think soccer games, dirt trails, cobblestone streets in Europe)

  • Blue





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